PTE Reading Practice

The PTE’s Reading Section assesses your understanding of written English in an academic environment. The exercises will include academic subjects in the humanities, natural sciences or social sciences.
Even if you have no background academically in these areas, the testing material will give you all you need to be able to properly respond to the questions.  The Erasable Noteboard Booklet and pen will come in handy throughout these exercises so you can formulate your answers.

The skills that are being assessed in the Reading Section, under timed conditions, include the ability to:

  • Follow the logical progression of events
  • Highlight the topics, supporting points or examples, and the summary
  • Select words and phrases relevant to the context
  • Describe the writer’s purpose, method, and perspective
  • Grasp academic vocabulary 
  • Infer the meaning of unfamiliar words 
  • Discern implicit and explicit information
  • Separate the facts from the theoretical 
Reading Success

We’ll briefly go over each category of the Reading Section. In the end, we offer a few valuable tips to assure your reading success. The entire Reading Section is allocated approximately 32-41 minutes to complete.  There are five categories in this section.   

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Multiple Choice Questions/Single Answer

This test involves 110 words.  When prompted you have multiple choice questions to read.  Your goal is to find the one answer that is appropriate to every question.

Focus on the questions and you will find their common single answer.  If the answer does not apply to any of the questions then go back and review the questions until you find the answer that does apply.

Scoring: Correct or incorrect, no allocation of points 

Multiple Choice Questions/Multiple Answers 

The purpose of this exercise to assess your understanding of common themes in the English language.

You will have multiple choice questions to read.  Your goal is to find the common concept that is shared by all the questions. 

Your answer to each question must be rephrased differently while conveying the same concept in your answer for each question.  Same concept, same answer, different wording in every answer.

Scoring:  1 point/correct answer; 1 point deducted/incorrect answer.

Reorder Paragraphs

There are approximately 150 words that will be structured into sentences.  These sentences will be in a paragraph, however, they will not flow in a way that the paragraph will make any sense.

Your goal is to fix the paragraph.  You will drag and drop the sentences into the designated column on the right side of the original paragraph until the paragraph makes sense. 

Scoring: 1 point/sentence correctly adjacently paired.

Reading/Fill in the Blanks

The text presented to you will have missing words.  Below the text is a word bank from which you can choose for your answers. Fill in the blanks by dragging and dropping the best word to complete each sentence. 

Scoring: 1 point/correct word.

Reading and Writing/Fill in the Blanks 

This category is the only integrated skills assessment portion of the Reading Section to test both reading and writing skills.
This category differs slightly from Reading/Fill in the Blanks. In this category, each blank will have its own bank of words to choose from. There will be approximately 300 words of text prompt.

Scoring: 1 point/correct word. 


Reading Success

Here are a few tips for Success:

  1. Read something of interest to you. The more you read the more you progress.  Don’t become a dictionary dependent. Go ahead and note the words that you do not understand.
    If you understand the context of the sentence and paragraph then you will be able to figure out the meaning of the word.
  2. As you read to become familiar with the title, table of contents and other features.  This will help you strengthen your understanding of text structure.
  3. Comprehension is very important.  This applies both to the facts you are reading as well as the abstract ideas that you will be asked to discern.
  4. There are a few online resources to help students practice their English skills to successfully complete the PTE with a score that opens doors into their study and country of choice.

We believe that tip #4 is vital.  To get your desired score in the PTE’s Reading Section we recommend that you check out the reading preparatory site at Super PTE

Super PTE offers all test takers the tools necessary to successfully score the PTE. One of their outstanding tools is their Real Exam Question Bank. 

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In addition to the Question Bank, Super PTE offers valuable Tricks and Tips Video Course, live coaching and mock questions. With mock exams, you can practice planning out your time well in order to complete all exercises. 

There are four packages that give you access to two or more of these valuable tools, depending on your needs.

Super PTE’s Basic package will give you unlimited access for one month to the Real Exam Question bank and the weekly updates of new questions. The Mini package includes two months of unlimited access to the Basic package materials plus Super PTE’s Tricks and Tips Video course. 

If you feel you need more support Super PTE offers even more valuable support resources for a reasonable price.  It’s really worth checking them out.

There are no shortcuts for success when taking the PTE.  Super PTE is offering the opportunity to practice because it takes honest work, practice, and guidance to succeed.  Make 2020 your year!

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