Why It’s Important To Learn With Adequate Lighting?

As students prepare for schools to reopen and university exams to roll around, long hours of room-bound study and several all-nighters are going to be back. Parents shopping for school supplies will do well in adding adequate lighting solutions to their cart as well. 

Yes, because adequate lighting while studying has shown to greatly improve students’ attention span, accuracy and productivity. It is also shown to increase a student’s performance and test scores by 16 percent and 18 percent respectively.

We bring you some tips for illuminating your study area effectively and some factors to keep in mind while shopping for the best lighting solutions.

  • While choosing the right study light, look at the illuminance of the equipment. This refers to the average levels of light in a room. There should be uniform illuminance as excess variation leads to discomfort and hyperactivity. This is also important as low illuminance has been linked to slower reading, reduced concentration, poor posture and long term weakened vision. 
  • Make sure the glare is absent or minimal from the light source else students can end up with headaches, eyestrain, reduced concentration and diminished productivity.
  • Some lighting options cause flickering which can result in discomfort or irritation and can also trigger epilepsy and exacerbate various other conditions.
  • Adequate lighting in your study room greatly affects your productivity, as your eyes get tired faster in weak light. Studying in natural daylight is by far the best option, but as night-owls, students should choose warm halogen light that places less strain on the eyes and are pretty close to natural ambient light. 

Cool florescent bulb emits harsh lighting that can strain and tire you easily.

Studying under adequate lighting has other indirect benefits as well which can greatly help students in the long run.

  • Better Posture

All of you have most often got into weird, uncomfortable positions so that the computer screen or your books are closer and clearer. This can be due to bad lighting, which can cause considerable eye strain, headaches and definitely bad posture. Adequate light while studying can prevent all of this and make you far more productive.

  • Mood Booster

Lighting can create magic in a space and poor lighting can transform any space into a depressing and stressful void. Learning and retaining information can suffer greatly under those conditions. Proper use of ambient and task lighting can create a calm and productive study area.

Revamping your homework or study area with the correct lighting will increase focus and productivity. Setting up a study light on your desk or station will reduce glare and shadows and get you prepped for pulling all-nighters in a calm learning environment. 

As always, we suggest taking the sage advice of our mothers and reading in a well-lit study room. This will ensure that your eyes don’t get tired as easily and you enjoy studying in a relaxing atmosphere.

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