How To Prepare For PTE During Covid-19

Right now your PTE plans are most likely on hold. 

Generally, people take the PTE Academic for one of two reasons:

1.) Immigration

2.) Study Abroad

With so much uncertainty around both of the above, it might seem pointless to waste your time studying for the PTE exam.

Many countries are on lockdown and aren’t even processing applications for immigration or study abroad.

What’s more, most test centres are closed around the world. 

Here’s a screenshot of the official status of testing centres from the PTE website.

As you can see, PTE is mostly on hold globally.

Stay Prepared

But that shouldn’t affect your studies. Now is the perfect time to stay prepared.

When applications start again, you can be at the front of the queue.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of a bad situation.

1.) Familiarize yourself with the test format and different question types.

3.) Take a free mock test over at

4.) Check out our question bank to see some more example questions.

5.) Watch the videos on this Youtube channel for test help and Q+A.

6.) Follow our weekly question updates with real examples:

Both ourselves and the folks at Sureway English are running 50% off promotions on our courses right now, to lend people an extra hand during these times, and to encourage you to keep studying for when everything opens up again.


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