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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are the only PTE Website giving a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We promise to provide new high quality PTE questions based on real exams, each and every week. If we are not able to provide that, you can simply ask us for a 100% refund! No questions asked.

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PTE Real and Repeated Questions Bank!

Super PTE Question Bank is by far the biggest, most authentic, PTE Real Exam Questions Bank. In fact  – it is much more than just a Questions Bank. It is a complete package to help you get a high score in PTE Academic.

At Super PTE we believe practice, practice and more practice is the single most important thing for success in PTE Academic. Our Questions Bank is built on Real and Repeated Questions. We collect these questions from multiple sources and provide to you in an easy to practice format.

We don’t make any false claims like most other websites, but instead focus on providing you the best PTE preparation possible. Our Questions Bank also comes with a video course, expert coaching, templates and mock tests. Super PTE is for those who are sincere and are ready to work to achieve their goal.

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Our Success System

Practice is the most important thing when preparing for PTE Academic. However, along with the questions you should also learn some important concepts and get the guidance of experts. Super PTE provides all of this and much more. All that we expect from you is sincere effort and some hard work. If you do that we will do everything possible to support you.

No false promises – 100% genuine

We don’t make false claims like others. Pearson can change all the questions in a minute. If you depend entirely on repeated questions, you will never succeed. Instead our expert tutors take the repeated questions and then prepare many similar questions for you to practice. So, even if you don’t get the same questions you will always find similar questions in the exam.

Weekly updates

Super PTE Questions Bank is updated almost every week! You will always find new questions to practice. Pearson often changes the question formats and structures. We keep a track of this and always aim to provide updated materials. Our system is entirely automated, so you won’t have to ask us for the updates. You will immediately find them in your account!

Questions from many sources

We collect real exam questions from many different sources. Our team them verifies these questions, discards the fake questions and adds genuine questions to the question bank. We don’t stop there! After that we add many similar questions in the bank. The idea is to give you the right kind of practice. If you practice with the real and similar questions, you will confidently face any question in the exam.

Regular Updates Every Week!

Super PTE Questions Bank is updated every single week! There is no point signing up for a Questions Bank that is not updated! With most other websites you will have to ask them for updates, and still not receive anything. Super PTE is updated each week and you will receive an automated email informing you of the update.

You can even see proof of updates on our website!

What will you get in Super PTE Questions Bank?

When you sign up with Super PTE, you will receive everything you need to get a high score fast. This is much more than just a Real Repeated PTE Questions Bank! This is a full package for success in PTE.


PTE Real Exam Questions Bank

Forget the ugly PDFs and dodgy sellers on the Internet. The real deal is here.

Updated every single week, this questions bank focuses not just on providing repeated questions, but also excellent practice. You will find no incomplete questions, no missing details. We have re-created every single question, with audio and all details.

This is the only question bank which covers all 20 PTE question types. Each question in the bank can be used for practice.

On top of that we add many similar questions. Even if Pearson changes the questions, they can’t change the structure and format of the questions. You will always find similar questions in the exam.

PTE Real Exam Questions Bank


Tips and Tricks Video Course

We have found the 7 most important factors for PTE. 90% of your score is decided by these 7 factors. Our unique Tips and Tricks course focuses on teaching you how to do well on these 7 factors.

This is what you will learn – How to improve your fluency quickly, How to answer any essay, image or lecture without problem, How to improve the richness of your language in 2 weeks and lots more!

If you learn these 7 special things you will have no problem facing any question in the PTE exam.

Tips and Tricks Video Course


Unlimited Feedback and Guidance

Expert Guidance can make a huge difference in your performance. Even when you practice with repeated questions, you still need to work on your pronunciation, writing and other core skills. Our tutors will guide you in all of this.

We don’t limit the number of times you can contact our coaches. They are here to support you fully. Whether you want guidance or feedback on your spoken or written responses, they are here to guide you.

You just need to show the initiative and our coaches will do everything possible to help you out.

Unlimited Feedback and Guidance


Unique Templates Pack

Stop using the random templates that only end up harming your score. We studied different types of questions and created a specific template for each situation.

Just using these templates can boost your score by 5~10 points. Templates come with instructions and examples. There is one template for every situation. You will not need any other template after this!

Unique Templates Pack


Full Length Mock Tests

Top up your preparation with authentic mock tests. Our full length mock tests have been developed strictly according to the PTE standards and have been tested with hundreds of students in Melbourne.

Each question has been reviewed by multiple experts before including in the mock test. You can download the mock tests and take them as many times as you want!

If you need an explanation or help with any question in the mock tests, you can simply get in touch with your Expert Coach for that.

Full Length Mock Tests

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Read this to understand everything about the Super PTE Questions Bank. Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

How does this work?

When you sign up for the Super PTE package you will get instant access to the Real PTE Questions Bank, Expert Coaching, Tips and Tricks training videos, 50 Super Templates and Mock tests depending upon the option you select. You will have your own personal account with which you will login to the website to study.

How is Super PTE different from others?

Super PTE is much more than just a question bank of real repeated PTE Questions!

We take a very different approach in building this question bank. Everyone knows that Pearson can change the questions anytime, but what they can’t change is the type and structure of the questions.

So what we do is – we first co